People Insights

The objective of the Human Resources analysis framework called People Insights is to improve the quality and assertiveness of decision-making processes at all levels of the organization through (1) analytical models of predictive analysis and machine learning, (2) automation of processes involving data extraction, integration and enrichment, (3) spatial analysis, and (4) data visualization.

People Insights is a framework composed of inference models involving scores and correlation analysis of HR variables: Flight Risk Score: indicator with information on the risk of employees leaving the company; Job Performance Predictor: score to support recruitment, selection, and promotion processes; HR Data Correlation: assessment of the level of correlation between employee attributes and job performance (e.g., distance from workplace vs. performance)

The main challenges of the Human Resources areas addressed by the solution can be summarized as follows:

1. Increase the level of talent retention;

2. Preventively identify individuals with signs of negative variation in their professional performance;

3. Improve HR performance in hiring processes both in terms of productivity and assertiveness (i.e., selection of the best candidate for available positions).

The main benefits of using the People Insights application include:

1. Reduction in turn-over indicators

2. Improvement in the level of individual and collective performance

3. Reduction of risks in the allocation of personnel in critical projects for the company

4. Greater assertiveness in promotion processes

5. Identification of opportunities for improvement via training or other HR actions

6. Increased level of confidence in leadership

The solution was implemented through the following components:

1. People Insighs (PI) Engine: set of preparation workflows implemented via Trifacta that prepares data from the HR / Folha system, and inference models written in the R programming language;

2. Visual data analysis models in Tableau and Power BI with model results and statistical analysis of personnel movement.

3. Trifacta: platform for executing workflows that implement preparation and predictive analysis models.

4. Visualization tool: Tableau or Power BI.