Who we are

Conjecto Analytics

Conjecto was born from the initiative of its founders to develop and offer innovative and disruptive business intelligence solutions for the Brazilian corporate market. Supported by its rich portfolio of solutions and services used by clients across the country and supported by the long international experience in consulting and implementing projects based on data science and corporate management of its partners and collaborators, Conjecto brings to the market solutions that represent the state-of-the-art in data analysis for decision making and efficient management of business processes in leading companies in different market segments.

Thus, since its inception, Conjecto has been characterized by innovation and technical and scientific rigor in the development of products and the provision of services and is strongly influenced by the solid experience and training of its professionals. Its performance is marked by boldness and pioneering use of sophisticated resources of information technology and data science, in particular.

In search of excellence and innovation, Conjecto aims to:

  • Offer complete and effective data analysis and artificial intelligence solutions to meet requirements of decision support systems at all levels of organizations.
  • Develop specific projects and training for your customers who want to use corporate solutions based on data science.
  • Increase the productivity and scalability of all relevant business processes executed by your customers to execute their plans and activities.