Privacy policy

The personal information obtained through this portal has the sole and exclusive purpose of making the user experience as pleasant and productive as possible. For this reason, ensuring the confidentiality of the personal data of users and visitors to our web site is of fundamental importance to Conjecto.

In this sense, Conjecto guarantees that all personal information related to members, subscribers, customers or visitors who use the portals and applications maintained by the company (conjecto.com.br, proactivebi.com.br, proradarweb.com.br, among others ) will be treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of October 26, 1998 (Law No. 67/98).

All personal information eventually collected during the use of its resources will be used exclusively to allow and enable the best possible experience for the user of its functionalities and applications. In pursuit of this objective, the personal information collected during the user experience that is the subject of this agreement may include name, email address, telephone and / or mobile phone number, address, date of birth and / or others.