Marketing and Sales

Imagem sobre Churn Analysis

Churn Analysis

Analysis models to identify customers with a higher risk of canceling contracts and, eventually, migrating to the competition. These models are especially useful and relevant for...
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Market-basket Analysis

It involves the use of models and algorithms to identify the most frequent items in a shopping basket or the influence of a particular item on...
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Marketing Budget Optimization

Optimization model to maximize the return on the application of marketing resources in campaigns on multiple channels (TV, internet, events, etc.).
Imagem sobre Sales vs External Events Correlation Analysis

Sales vs External Events Correlation Analysis

Analysis to identify and monitor variables with a high level of correlation with sales volume. Analysis of sentiment on social networks regarding the brand / product...
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Prospect 2 Call Score (P2CS)

Score to determine prospects with a greater chance of buying products based on the history and evaluation of the effectiveness of campaigns previously carried out by...
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Insights from Customer Clusters

Customer segmentation based on predefined and calculated variables (eg distance from the customer to the nearest store or to the store that carries out the largest...