Operational decisions include approvals and responses based on defined logical rules. These are routine and frequent decisions, but they affect business results and can change with varying business conditions. Rulex Rulebots simplifies the automation of operational decisions. They use logic, not mathematics, to solve problems and make decisions, making it easier to understand why the predictive model makes any decision. Rulex is essentially the opposite of “black box” AI, where the reasoning behind why decisions are made remains a mystery buried deep in an algorithm.

Traditional “black box” AI solutions rely on machine learning algorithms that produce predictive models in the form of mathematical functions that cannot be understood by laymen or, in many cases, even mathematicians. Rulex is different. It automatically creates predictive models in the form of conditional logic rules and then to select the best decision choice. The result is a fully explainable and auditable decision – it’s simple for anyone to see the exact reasons for each decision.

Rulex’s unique, self-explanatory decisions eliminate hidden biases in predictive models, allowing for fairer, more transparent automated decisions for loans, credit, housing, employment, insurance and other areas subject to government regulation, making Rulex the only AI that is compliant. by design with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation and similar controls in other jurisdictions.

The new General Data Protection Act (LGPD) requires companies that make automated decisions to be able to provide on demand “meaningful information about the logic involved” in each decision. With neural networks, supporting vector machines and other conventional machine learning algorithms, it is simply not possible to produce automated decisions that are explainable on demand, if at all. Rulex is the only GDPR-compliant AI platform in the world today.

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