Allows organizations to use data and spatial analysis for more efficient delivery routes, better behavioral marketing and strategic location. Used to optimize business processes and predict future results through the power of spatial data science.

Whether optimizing websites, balancing sales territories or designing supply chains – understanding and analyzing spatial data is critical to the future of your business. CARTO’s Location Intelligence platform allows organizations to store, enrich, analyze and visualize their data to make decisions with spatial awareness.

Data scientists, analysts and developers create competitive advantage, optimize business processes and predict future results using CARTO’s technology, data and services in the context of spatial data science.

Spatial data science (SDS) is a subset of data science that focuses on the unique characteristics of spatial data, going beyond simply looking where things happen to understand why they happen there.

Spatial data science treats location, distance, and spatial interactions as central aspects of data using specialized methods and software to analyze, visualize, and apply learning to spatial use cases.

Public and private sector organizations will increase their investments in SDS over the next 2 years (according to The State of SDS in Enterprise).

From retail and real estate to telecommunications and utilities – data science and analysis leaders seek to attract expertise in spatial analysis, as well as equip them with new technologies and data streams to enable key use cases that help them use more spatial insights in their decision making.

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