Conjecto Analytics Packages (CAPs)

Conjecto Analytics Packages (CAPs) are pre-configured packages for implementing business intelligence and data analysis solutions that include metadata, workflows, visualization models, and statistical inference models integrated with the most popular management systems and ready to be used in process automation and decision-making routines. The packages are defined according to four main references: the primary data source (ERP, CRM, SCM etc.), the data preparation platform (Trifacta, Tableau Data Prep), the data visualization platform (Tableau, Power BI ), and the business vertical considered (Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health, Insurance, etc.).

The primary data source defines the primary source of the data for which the data model is known and the main entities mapped. For some sources, access is facilitated through the use of APIs provided by the system. In other cases, workflows are implemented to extract data from primary sources directly from the database tables through the use of data preparation tools. The visualization platform defines the presentation layer of the models and the framework that will be used for data discovery initiatives in the organization. Finally, the business vertical indicates which models will be used in the implementation.

The preconfigured CAP packages allow rapid deployment of BI solutions across the organization. Projects that could possibly last for months can be reduced to a few weeks (or even days), based on the premise that the infrastructure and data sources are accessible to the prepared preparation flows and the client’s operation is related to any of the verticals of the available packages.