Fiscal Insights

Fiscal Insights is an analytical solution that transforms data from the public digital bookkeeping system (SPED) into advanced models of analysis especially focused on the management of companies in the most diverse areas. The solution is prepared to process information from the SPED Tax and Contributions and other obligations defined by government institutions. The product has three versions: Tax, Contributions, and Auditor.

The main challenges of the tax area (and of the Controllership and Finance functions in general) addressed by the solution can be summarized as follows:

1. Identify tax credit recovery opportunities based on commercial and financial transactions and taxes collected and recorded in the blocks of the SPED file during a given period.

2. Make conciliation in a safe, fast, and efficient way by checking the data in the SPED files and the ERP system before sending them to the supervisory bodies.

3. Accelerate audit processes (e.g., inventory consistency) involving the sale, purchase, and transfer of products obtained from a consistent, standardized, system-independent data source (e.g., SAP ERP, Oracle EBS, Totvs).

4. Extract insights and answer questions related to the management of companies that involve processes in the commercial, logistics, and financial areas.

The main benefits of using the Tax Insights application include:

1. Greater autonomy and productivity for managers and analysts in the business areas in relation to data analysis and data discovery.

2. Use of data from the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (SPED), which is consistent, standardized, and easily accessible (does not depend on the IT area) as the main source of data for analysis.

3. It can be used both to assist in tax analysis and for business management.

The solution was implemented through the following components:

1. SPED VIP Engine: engine implemented with the Trifacta Wrangle Pro software that processes the SPED data (Tax or Contributions) and transforms the blocks into relational tables or text files (e.g., JSON, XML) for further analysis.

2. Visual data analysis models in Power BI and Tableau.

3. Trifacta Wrangle Pro: platform on which the SPED VIP engine is executed.

4. Visualization tool (e.g., Tableau, Power BI)