ProRadar (Via ProactiveBI)

The Market Proavity Radar (or simply ProRadar) is an advanced analytical solution for monitoring market signals, with capture and treatment of strategic information in various dimensions, for example: offer (products and services) value chain (suppliers, competitors , channels, regulatory agents) and customers (preferences and needs). It is the state-of-the-art in competitive intelligence to support the construction of proactive market strategies.

In this sense, ProRadar (an initiative of the ProactiveBI business partner) is a framework used by companies to identify market signals that are relevant to their corporate strategy. It involves several processes: (1) data collection, (2) data management, (3) alerts, (4) visualization, (5) automatic content classification (signal / noise), machine learning, and (6 ) prescriptive analysis. The solution’s architecture is based on Google Cloud APIs and major social networks, as well as frameworks for understanding and processing natural language (including sentiment analysis and recognition of entities and patterns.

ProRadar implements five blocks of features, namely:

1. Keywords Analytics: to understand the relevance (based on frequency and reach) of terms and keywords mentioned in social media publications;

2. Trends Analytics: to present insights based on observed trends (including sentiment analysis) in searches configured by the client on topics of interest to the organization;

3. Social Tracking: to monitor social networks of brands and companies of interest to the user or company;

4. Quick Survey: to conduct quick surveys with the public and topics defined according to the organization’s interest, especially in the marketing area;

5. Alerts: to send messages via email based on searches on news portals for user-defined terms and keywords.